Reminder: ICBC’s new Medical Equipment Program

(This notice is posted as a courtesy to ICBC.)

In this program, Occupational Therapists (OTs) can be pre-authorized to purchase or rent up to $2,000 of medical equipment directly from one of 23 ICBC-approved medical equipment providers.

The 23 approved medical equipment providers were selected through a competitive process and each vendor is committed to providing quality medical equipment at discounted pricing, high levels of customer service, extended warranties and free general delivery service.

We have regionalized our list of approved medical equipment providers to help guide OTs across the province in their selection of a vendor and ensure the most cost-efficient, quality equipment and supplies are available for our customers in a timely manner.

We appreciate the expertise of OTs in ensuring the specific needs of our customers are always the main consideration, and request that OTs work in the most cost-efficient manner possible with an ICBC-approved medical equipment provider when all relevant factors are considered equal (i.e. type and availability of equipment, proximity, etc.).

OTs will continue to have the ability to work with specific suppliers, including non-approved medical equipment providers based on specialized expertise of the medical equipment vendor or the unique needs of our customer (e.g. complex seating). If an OT decides to choose a medical equipment provider that is not on our approved vendor list, the OT will request approval from ICBC so we can ensure that the most cost-effective resources are used for our injured customer’s specific needs.

The following outlines the process for OTs and ICBC-approved medical equipment vendors:

1. ICBC provides pre-authorization: When ICBC requests an OT to complete an assessment of an injured customer, ICBC may also provide pre-authorization for the purchase or rental of medical equipment for up $2,000 directly from one of the approved medical equipment vendors.

2. If medical equipment is required: The OT will contact one of the approved medical equipment vendors whenever possible, taking into account the unique needs of our customer. The OT will need to contact the ICBC’s adjuster and seek approval if:

a. the purchase/rental exceeds the OT’s pre-authorization limit, or
b. there are expedited delivery costs involved, or
c. the OT’s pre-authorization limit is past 90 days from the date it was provided, or
d. the purchase/rental is from a non-approved vendor.

3. Order confirmation and delivery: If the order is within the OT’s pre-authorization limit, the medical equipment vendor will provide written confirmation and delivery dates to the OT.

4. Order tracking and invoicing: Our approved medical equipment vendors will send invoices directly to us. Our approved vendors can also manage the OT’s MESSP account balance for each customer to assist OTs in tracking their pre-authorized limit.

ICBC does not guarantee OT assignments or medical equipment orders. Any distribution of assignments and medical equipment orders will be done on a file by file basis, as required.

When we provide OTs with written pre-authorization, we will include the above details as well as information about our approved list of medical equipment vendors.

The MESSP replaces a similar pilot program that we had in the Lower Mainland since 2013.

Occupational therapists working with an ICBC client can expect further information about this program from the ICBC file handle.

Note: This post was published prior to October 2017 when new COTBC Bylaws came into effect.

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