For occupational therapists to practise in B.C. and use the reserved title “Occupational Therapist” or “OT” they must be registered with the College.*

When an individual first applies to be registered with the College, the Registration Committee checks to see that he or she meets the education and practice standards. If these are met, the registration can be processed, and once the new registrant pays the required fee he or she is registered to practise in B.C. and may use the title ‘Occupational Therapist’ or OT (common short form).

Registering with the College demonstrates that this individual respects the public’s right to safe, ethical and effective care, and recognizes the College’s role in supporting and monitoring practice.

Each year, occupational therapists must renew their registration by June 30. On their renewal form, they indicate that they have met the requirements to continue practising.

*They may also use any of the following titles: Registered Occupational Therapist, Reg. OT or Registered Occupational Therapist (BC) or Reg. OT (BC).