Returning to Practice

If you have been out of practice as a Former registrant or with Non-Practising registration and wish to reinstate to Full registration with COTBC, you are now able to initiate the reinstatement process online through the College’s registration portal.

To prepare for a smooth registration have the following documents ready to upload before logging into the portal and completing the online form. The maximum PDF document size you can upload is 1.5 MB or 1500 KB.

A copy of your professional liability insurance. Registrants must maintain professional liability insurance with a limit of liability of not less than five million dollars ($5,000,000) per occurrence. If your insurance is provided through your employer such as a Health Authority, contact your human resources department or team lead for a copy.

Proof of eligibility to work in Canada. If you are not a Canadian citizen, you must include a copy of your work permit or permanent residency card.

Criminal Record Check. An updated criminal record check is mandatory when moving from the Inactive-Former registration category to Full registration. It is potentially required if moving from the Non-Practising to Full registration category. If you are currently in the Non-Practising category, contact the COTBC office at to confirm your current criminal record check expiry date.

If an updated criminal record check is required, please follow the BC Criminal Record Check Process Guide (PDF). Please ensure you submit notarized identification and the Criminal Record Check Consent form.

Regulatory History Form(s) / Letter of Good Standing. If you have worked as an Occupational Therapist in any other jurisdiction since your COTBC registration status changed to Non-Practising or Former Registrant, please forward a Regulatory History Form(s) / Letter of Good Standing (PDF) to the regulatory authority in each of the jurisdiction(s) where you are / or were registered to practice. Ensure you complete the other jurisdictions section in the online form.

To get started on reinstating your registration log in to the COTBC registration portal. You may need to click on “Forgot my Password” to receive a temporary password.

COTBC Registration Portal

Note: Your employment information can only be added or edited after your registration has been reinstated.

Once you have completed the online form and uploaded the required documents, click ‘submit’ and a member of the COTBC staff will review your application. If there are any followup questions, we will be in touch by email.

Once your application is complete, including completed regulatory history forms received from other jurisdictions (if applicable), your file will be approved for reinstatement pending receipt of the payment. You will be notified if / when your registration reinstatement is finalized. Allow a minimum of three business days to process your application.

The reinstatement fee is required after your form has been reviewed / approved and an email notification will be sent for you to login and pay your fee. Payment can be made by Visa, Mastercard or mailing a cheque. See Fees & Insurance for more information.

Re-Entry Programs

Applicants who have been out of practice and / or do not meet the practice hour requirement of 600 hours within the last 3 years* are required to complete a re-entry program. These programs differ with each individual and must be approved by the Registration Committee which checks that safeguards are in place to ensure there is no significant risk to public health and safety.

All re-entry programs include a competence confirmation practicum (CCP) where applicants have the opportunity to demonstrate that they meet the professional standards as outlined in the Competencies for Occupational Therapists in Canada. In your competence confirmation practicum (CCP) you are required to work under the supervision of an occupational therapist with full registration with the College. The required hours of supervised practice are based on the number of years you have been out of practice, as follows:

  • Out of practice less than 3 years, with less than 600 hours of practice = 150 hours in 90 days
  • Out of practice between 3 and 5 years = 300 hours in 180 days
  • Out of practice between 5 and 10 years = 600 hours in 1 year
  • Out of practice for over 10 years = 600 hours in 1 year

Applicants, especially those who have been out of practice for over 10 years, may also be required to participate in additional educational activities and pass the NOTCE.

A package outlining the process for arranging a CCP and all relevant forms is available from College staff who can assist you further. Please contact