Returning to Practice

There are two pathways to return to practice, that depend on your currency status at the time of application. COTBC bylaw requires that registrants have 600 practice hours in the three years immediately preceding the date of application for reinstatement.

To confirm your status, please see Currency Hour Requirements and use the Currency Calculator to determine whether you meet the currency requirement.

Path 1:

If you are a Former registrant or hold nonpractising registration status, and wish to reinstate to Full registration with COTBC, you can reinstate online through the College’s registration portal.

Path 1: Re-instatement

Path 2:
Provisional Re-entry

Applicants who have been out of practice and/or do not meet the COTBC Bylaw practice hour requirement of 600 hours within the last 3 years are required to complete a re-entry program.

Path 2: Provisional Re-entry