College Bylaws

The College of Occupational Therapists of BC has established bylaws that govern the practice of occupational therapy in BC. These bylaws cover the expectations for the practice and conduct of the College registrants. They also describe how the COTBC Board of Directors must meet its mandate.

Occupational therapists are encouraged to review the current bylaws to ensure they understand the expectations.

Key Bylaws for Registrants

Part 4 – Registration

Section 42(1)(f)(v). When applying for registration as a full registrant, proof of Canadian citizenship, permanent residency or other authorization to work in Canada in a health care profession, is needed.

Section 51(2)(b). Full and provisional registrants must use the reserved title of Occupational Therapist and may also use Registered Occupational Therapist, Reg. OT or Registered Occupational Therapist (BC) or Reg. OT (BC).

Section 48(1). Full, provisional and temporary registrants must obtain and maintain professional liability insurance of not less than $5 million per occurrence.

Section 51(2)(b). Changes to the currency hours now require occupational therapists to have worked 600 hours within the scope of practice of the profession in the past three years immediately preceding their application for renewal.

Part 5 – Quality Assurance Program

Section 56(1). Full registrants, provisional registrants and applicants for registration and reinstatement must meet the requirements of the quality assurance program.

Part 7 – Registrant Management of Client Records

This section covers all aspects of obtaining, recording, managing, disclosing, and maintaining confidentiality of client information, including regulations governing a client’s right to access that information under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.