College Bylaws

The College of Occupational Therapists of BC have has established bylaws that govern the practice of occupational therapy in B.C. These bylaws cover the expectations for the practice and conduct of the College registrants. They also describe how the COTBC Board of Directors must meet its mandate.

Key Bylaws for Registrants

Part 5: Section 68 – Professional Misconduct
This section defines actions and behaviours that, under the Health Professions Act, constitute reasonable grounds for action against a registrant.

Part 6 – Registrant Management of Client Records
This section covers all aspects of obtaining, recording, managing, disclosing, and maintaining confidentiality of client information, including regulations governing a clients right to access that information under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Part 7: Section 90 – Duty to Report
Registrants are obligated by law to report occupational therapists or other regulated health professionals to their respective colleges when the registrant has reasonable grounds to believe that another registrant has abused a client, is practicing incompetently, or is in contravention of the Code of Ethics. Failure to report can result in significant fines.

Part 7: Section 91 – Marketing
This section outlines the parameters for marketing occupational therapy services. Contravention of these bylaws can also result in registrant fines.

Current Bylaws and Approved Amendments

COTBC Bylaws
Bylaw Amendments Section 30 & 31
Bylaw Amendment Revised Schedule A – Fees
Bylaw Amendment Revised Schedule B – Code of Ethics
Bylaw Amendment (Added) Schedule E & F – Investigations & Disciplinary Hearings Tariffs