OTs Registered in Another Province

If you are applying for registration in BC and are currently registered in another province, you must be registered with COTBC prior to providing occupational therapy services in BC.

You can apply for registration under the provisions of the Labour Mobility Support Agreement (PDF), which requires you to:

  • Complete all sections of the online application form
  • Pay the application fee
  • Arrange for completion of the Labour Mobility Application Form (PDF) and the Regulatory History Form (PDF) by the organization where you are currently registered
  • Meet the currency requirement (see below)
  • Pay the annual registration fee and Criminal Record Check fee
  • Provide verification of professional liability insurance

You may not begin working (or participating in orientation or training at the workplace) as an occupational therapist until you are registered with the College and have received written confirmation and a registration number.

For more information (e.g. fee, etc.) see Applicants – Apply For Registration.

When applying to COTBC, if you hold current registration with another Canadian regulator, you have the option to either:

  • A apply to COTBC under the LMSA or
  • B apply to COTBC without using the LMSA provision

Option A – Apply to COTBC Under the LMSA

Please note that your registration with another regulator must be active and current (e.g. not expired) in order for you to apply under the LMSA. If you apply under the LMSA, the jurisdiction you are applying from will provide COTBC with your credentials.

Option B – Apply to COTBC Without Using the LMSA Provision

In this case, you would be responsible for ensuring your credentialling institution provides COTBC with your official transcripts, and you would be providing confirmation of successful completion of the NOTCE.

If you have questions about this, please contact us at registration@cotbc.org to discuss your options.

How Do I Meet the Requirements?

Currency – Evidence of Practice

Please ensure that you complete the Hours Outside Jurisdiction section on the online application together with the Regulatory History Form. Please see Currency Hour Requirements for more information.

Registration Forms

Regulatory History Form

If you hold (or have held) a license or registration to practise occupational therapy outside of BC, and/or if you hold (or have held) a license or registration to practise in a profession other than occupational therapy in BC or elsewhere, you need to complete the Regulatory History Form (PDF).

Please forward the form to each regulatory organization where you have previously held or currently hold a registration or license to practice and have them complete it and return it directly to the College.

Other Forms