Our Committees

Our College’s committees are instrumental in helping COTBC fulfil its mandate of protecting the public. Governed by the Health Professions Act and COTBC’s bylaws, and operating under the direction of the Board, the College has five statutory committees.

These include:

  • Registration Committee
  • Quality Assurance Committee
  • Inquiry Committee
  • Discipline Committee
  • Patient Relations, Standards, and Ethics Committee

Registration Committee

The Registration Committee is responsible for granting initial registration and reinstatement with COTBC.

Inquiry Committee

This committee investigates complaints against registrants, as well as acting on its own motion (i.e. without a complaint). Complaints can include a registrant’s contravention of the Health Professions Act, Occupational Therapists Regulation, or the COTBC Bylaws, professional misconduct, competence to practice, or any disturbance or addiction which impairs an occupational therapist’s ability to practice.

Discipline Committee

This committee conducts hearings under the authority of the Health Professions Act in cases where investigation of a registrant at the Inquiry Committee level warrants disciplinary action.

Patient Relations, Standards and Ethics Committee

This committee is responsible for making recommendations to the board with respect to:

  1. establishing and monitoring a patient relations program which includes:
    1. requirements for educational programs for registrants on professional misconduct of a sexual nature,
    2. guidelines for the conduct of registrants with their patients, and
    3. provision of information to the public regarding the college’s complaint and disciplinary process,
  2. making recommendations regarding standards of practice, and
  3. making recommendations regarding the code of ethics.

Quality Assurance Committee

This committee is responsible for making recommendations to the board with respect to:

  1. the content of the quality assurance program,
  2. continuing competence requirements, and
  3. mechanisms for assessment of registrants.

Committee Volunteers & Subject Matter Experts Needed

If you’re a member of the public who is interested in applying for a future committee position, please download, complete, and submit the form below. Be sure to indicate your area of interest.

We’re also looking for registrants who can provide practice-specific knowledge about what occupational therapists need to know to deliver safe, ethical, and effective occupational therapy services. If you’re interested, please complete an Expression of Interest Form or, if you know a colleague who would be a good fit encourage them to submit one.

To learn more about what participation on a committee involves and what positions are available, please email the College at info@cotbc.org.