Applicants – Apply For Registration

All new applicants must provide evidence that they meet the set requirements by completing all necessary documentation.

Apply into one of the following Registration categories:

Full Registration

Apply as a Full practicing registrant with no restrictions to practice as an occupational therapist.

Provisional Registration

Apply as a Provisional registrant practicing under general supervision of a full registrant until the national exam requirement has been met.

Please note: If you are educated outside of Canada (IEOT), you must complete the SEAS process through ACOTRO first before you can apply for registration with COTBC.

Temporary Registration

Temporary registration cannot exceed 90 days in a calendar year (1-45 consecutive days twice a year or 1-90 consecutive days).

Fees (First Time Applicants)

New applicants are required to pay a non-refundable application fee and criminal record fee upon submitting their application.

  • $325 (Application Fee – Non Refundable)
  • $28 (Criminal Record Fee)

When registering new applicants are required to pay the annual registration fee or pro-rated portion as follows:

  • $525 (July 1 to June 30)
  • $350 (November 1 to June 30)
  • $175 (March 1 to June 30)

Temporary Registration Fees:

  • $105 (1-45 days)
  • $210 (1-90 days)

Currency Hours

Currency refers to the required practice hours in a given period of time and is considered one indicator of an occupational therapist’s continued competence. All applicants must disclose their currency hours at time of application.

Occupational therapists are required to have 600 practice hours within the scope of practice of the profession in the 3 years immediately preceding the date of application for initial registration, renewal or reinstatement.

  • 600 hours of occupational therapy practice within the past 3 years, or
  • Graduation from an approved occupational therapy program within the past 18 months, or
  • Successful completion of a College approved Re-Entry Program within the last 18 months

Note: COTBC will consider an International Educated Occupational Therapist (IEOT) currency hours at the date of application to SEAS as long as the applicant completes the SEAS process within one year of their application to SEAS.

Documentation Requirements

Notarized Identification: All applicants must provide two (2) pieces of notarized ID as part of their application. Both copies must be verified by a notary public or lawyer with a stamp and / or seal. Photocopies not notarized will not be accepted. Have your notarized ID ready before starting your application as it is required in Step 1.

Official Transcript or Interim Letter from the University: Request an official transcript or declare you will request an official transcript once it is ready and upload this document where indicated. If you are a new grad ensure the interim letter from your university indicates that you have met all requirements for graduation. Email the interim letter to As a new grad, official transcripts are printed after convocation stating degree has been awarded / granted. Please arrange for these to be sent after convocation.

Criminal Record Check: All applicants are required to complete a new criminal record check at time of application and every 5 years thereafter. Follow the instructions on the application form to give COTBC consent to initiate the criminal record check on your behalf. You will be providing consent for the initial criminal records and the 5 year re-check while you are registered with COTBC. You will be invoiced the $28 fee. For more information please see the Criminal Record Check page.

Professional Liability Insurance: Upload your current liability insurance if available. If not available email a copy once you receive it to

Eligibility to Work in Canada: Upload a copy of proof you are authorized to work in Canada (i.e. Canadian Passport, Birth Certificate, PR card, Work Visa).

NOTCE Certificate or Confirmation of Registration: Upload a copy of your NOTCE certificate or confirmation of registration that you are sitting the next available exam.

Employer Acknowledgment Form (PDF): (for New Grads or IEOT’s that have not yet written or successfully completed the NOTCE) – Once you have secured employment have the form completed and email to For more information on supervision, see Guidelines for General Supervision (PDF).

Regulatory History Form (PDF): If you are or have ever been registered in another province / state or country, complete the first section of the form and send to all the regulatory organizations you have been licensed with. (See the LMSA below if you have been registered in multiple regulatory organizations over the years)

Labour Mobility Support Agreement (LMSA) Form (PDF): If you are currently registered (practicing) in another Canadian province you are eligible to apply under the LMSA. Have the LMSA form and regulatory history form sent to your current regulatory organization for them to complete. They will in return send a copy of your transcript, NOTCE results and any regulatory history forms they have on file to COTBC. See the LMSA Form (PDF) for more information.

English Language Proficiency: An applicant must be proficient in English to practice Occupational Therapy in British Columbia. If English is not your first language or it was not the language of instruction in your OT education you will be required to complete an English Fluency Test. If you are an International Educated OT (IEOT), this would have been assessed as part of your SEAS assessment. See Notes for New Graduates for more information on the steps for new graduates.

Submit Online Application

Click on the online application link below to start the application process.

  • Click on sign up to set up a new account. Please be sure to have your notarized ID before creating your online account as you will need to upload before proceeding.
  • Do not create duplicate accounts as this will delay your application.
  • You may save your work and return later by logging in with the credentials you initially set up.
  • Once you have completed the form, click the Submit button. On submission you will be required to pay the application fee of $325 and Criminal Record Check fee of $28.

Apply Online

Note: Do not use Internet Explorer as it is no longer supported. Use Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc.