Advisory Statements are published by the College of Occupational Therapists of British Columbia to increase registrants’ awareness of important issues relevant to the practice of occupational therapy and/or critical issues that have the potential to affect, or have a direct impact on, occupational therapy practice.

Use of Title
This advisory statement informs occupational therapists regarding how to use their reserved title with respect to university degrees, job titles, and other credentials. It suggests ways in which students and support personnel can be identified when supervised by an OT. Inappropriate use of title is also outlined. Release date: November 2011; Revised February 9, 2018

Administration and Distribution of Naloxone by Occupational Therapists
This advisory statement clarifies the roles occupational therapists may have in administering and/or distributing naloxone. Specifically, it discusses the impact that amendments to the Health Professions General Regulation and the unscheduling of emergency use naloxone have on occupational therapists’ practice. Release date: March 13, 2017; Revised October 19, 2017

Occupational Therapists’ Assessment of Financial Management and Incapability
This advisory statement clarifies the various roles occupational therapists can have in the assessment of clients’ financial management abilities. Specifically, it explores the impact of Section 2.1 of the Adult Guardianship Act (AGA) and Statutory Property Guardianship (SPG) Regulation on occupational therapists’ practice. Release date: April 27, 2015

Providing Access to and Releasing Occupational Therapy Information
This advisory statement focuses specifically on the responsibilities relating to access, disclosure and release of information gathered as part of the occupational therapy service provision. Release date: July 2009

Remedying a Breach of Security: COTBC Reporting Requirements
Information an occupational therapist must provide COTBC when there has been a breach of security is outlined in this document. Release date: October 2010