College Webinars

COTBC webinars are designed to promote a deeper understanding of issues affecting quality occupational practice. If you’re unable to attend an upcoming webinar, the recording will be posted here 24-48 hours after the live session.

Upcoming Webinars

There are no scheduled webinars at this time. Check back regularly, read our e-newsletter or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for announcements on upcoming webinars.

Get the Most Out of Your Webinar

Live College webinars use the Zoom platform. When you begin to join a live session, you may be prompted to download the Zoom application if it’s not already on your device. You may need to contact the IT department at your workplace to allow the Zoom application on your system (view system requirements).

The webinars are free if you use the audio available through your computer. If you wish to participate using a phone line, long distance charges may apply. The long distance number is supplied when your registration is confirmed.

Past Webinars

Getting Registered to Practise — Tips for New Canadian Grads

Presenter: Cindy McLean, COTBC Deputy Registrar

Part A: College Overview

Learn how provincial legislation impacts occupational therapy practice in BC, plus when to call the College to prevent unsafe, unethical, or ineffective practice.

Part B: Registration Process

What You Need To Know About COTBC’s New Currency Requirement

Presenter: Cindy McLean, COTBC Deputy Registrar

Not sure if you have sufficient practice hours to meet the new currency requirement of 600 hours in the past three years? This webinar will walk you through the requirements, including the 2018 bridging process that allows for additional activities to be counted towards currency.

How Recent Bylaw Changes Affect Your Practice

Presenter: Kathy Corbett, COTBC Registrar/CEO

On October 2, 2017 our new bylaws were approved, and they contain several changes all practicing occupational therapists need to know about. 

Some of these are quite specific such as what titles we can use, clients’ access to our records, and marketing. By watching this webinar you’ll be able to identify changes to the COTBC bylaws and apply these changes to your own occupational therapy practice.

Working with Education Assistants

Presenters: Andrea Bowden, COTBC Director of Practice and Policy; 
Kathy Corbett, COTBC Registrar/CEO

Are you consulting or assigning? What if the situation is too risky to assume just a consulting role but there isn’t funding for anything else? Listen to the webinar for thoughts on this and other burning issues on this important practice concern.

Indigenous Cultural Safety in Practice

Presenters: Alison Gerlach, Jenny Morgan, & Kathy Corbett

This two-part webinar explores the difference between cultural sensitivity and cultural safety, the principles and intent of Indigenous cultural safety, and some of the potential implications for your clinical practice and organization. It’s guaranteed to underscore the importance of reflective practice as an occupational therapist.

Part One

Part Two

Regulatory Topics Presented in 2015

The webinars below cover a variety of regulatory topics to assist occupational therapists with the integration of College standards and relevant legislation into everyday practice. They were specifically developed to help occupational therapists prepare for the 2016 Competency Exam and some of the related standards have since been updated. As such, we advise that occupational therapists ensure they’re familiar with the most recent Practice Standards.

The slides accompanying the recordings are not complete on their own. We recommend that you view the recording and use the slides to guide any note taking you may wish to do.

Managing Client Information

Duty to Report/Professional Accountability

Supervising Support Personnel

Duty of Care/Capability of the OT to Work Safely

Conflict of Interest

Client Autonomy

Obtaining Consent

Professional Boundaries