Criminal Record Check (CRC)

The Criminal Record Check (CRC) is a mandatory requirement under the Criminal Records Review Act (CRRA) for registrants of a regulated profession. It must be done at initial registration, when reinstating from Inactive (Former) and every five years thereafter.

The CRC program is a government-driven process that regulators like COTBC are required to enforce. Not having a current CRC is in contravention of the CRRA. For more information on the Criminal Record Check, visit Criminal Record Check BC.

The criminal record consent form is built in the COTBC online application, renewal, and reinstatement form and COTBC will initiate the CRC check on the applicant / registrants behalf. The cost is $28 (invoiced to the applicant / registrant).

No. In accordance with the criminal records review act, the CRC must be completed through the BC Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General (“the Ministry”) and NOT through the police department or myBackCheck.

Not everyone requires fingerprinting, As part of the CRC process, the CRRP will conduct a Vulnerable Sector (VS) Check. The search requires applicants who have either the same name and/or date of birth and gender combination as a known convicted offender to provide fingerprints to verify their identity to eliminate the possibility of an offender changing their name to circumvent a criminal record.

If you are required to provide fingerprints as part of the Vulnerable Sector (VS) Check, you are responsible to follow through with this request. Please inform COTBC staff so that we are aware of the delay.

If you are looking for a copy of your criminal record check for personal use then you will need to request a new criminal records from your local police department or RCMP office as COTBC is unable to send you a copy. If you are looking to share a current copy of your criminal records with another organization that is enrolled or registered with the criminal records review program, contact the COTBC office for further instructions.