Scope of Practice Statements

Scope of Practice Statements

These statements outline any additional standards required, limits and conditions on occupational therapy practice in BC. Only occupational therapists who meet the conditions set out in a specific scope of practice statement can provide the services outlined. These services usually relate to legislation that has recognized occupational therapists as “qualified health care providers” for a specific purpose.

Current Statements (updated May 1, 2023)

Scope of Practice Statement re: Financial Incapability Assessment

On October 24, 2014 the COTBC Board approved the scope of practice statement regarding financial incapability assessment. Occupational therapists are now permitted to act as qualified health care providers for the purpose of conducting the functional component of a financial incapability assessment and to provide an opinion about the adult’s capability. However, the current limits and conditions require additional education and maintenance of competence.

The Board’s decision reflects COTBC’s accountability approach that requires occupational therapists to practice within the limits of their personal and professional competence. The limits and conditions are consistent with Ministry of Health expectations and, as much as possible, with the approach being taken by other health regulators.

At this time, Health Authorities are designating the staff that will act as qualified health care providers in their organizations. A mandatory online training course is available to ensure the safe implementation of this new regulation.