Quality Practice

The public needs to have confidence that they are receiving competent and ethical occupational therapy services. Quality Practice aims to support the provision of quality occupational therapy services through the development of resources:

  • to support occupational therapists in maintaining competent and ethical practice; and
  • to assist the public in understanding what to expect from occupational therapy services.

Quality Assurance Program

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Outlines the continuing competence requirements for occupational therapists to renew their registration.

Annual Continuing Competence Review

The purpose of the Annual Continuing Competence Review (ACCR) is to support and enhance occupational therapists’ continued competence.

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Competence Assessment

Occupational therapists in BC are asked to demonstrate that they meet the profession’s standards of practice and professional conduct by successfully completing the Competence Assessment process. This process is currently under review by the Quality Assurance Committee.

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Competence Improvement

Occupational therapists who are required to complete Competence Improvement will work with College staff to develop a customized, personalized, and confidential Practice Enhancement Plan.

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