Quality Practice

In accordance with the Health Professions Act, the College is responsible for delivering a Quality Assurance Program (QAP) that supports and monitors continued competence.

All registered occupational therapists in B.C. must participate in and satisfy the annual requirements of the program.

How the Quality Assurance Program Works

In June 2021, the College’s Quality Assurance Committee received Board approval (in principle) to revise the Quality Assurance Program (QAP) Framework. The recommendation was to move from a Continuing Competence Exam to a two-step screening and evaluation process. The Committee is aiming to build-out the new process to pilot in 2023/2024.

Annual Continuing Competence Review

The purpose of the Annual Continuing Competence Review (ACCR) is to support and enhance occupational therapists’ continued competence.

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Competence Screening & Assessment

Occupational therapists are asked to demonstrate that they meet the profession’s standards of practice and professional conduct by successfully completing activities required to screen and assess competence. This process is currently under development by the Quality Assurance Committee.

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Improving Competence

Occupational therapists who are required to improve their competence work with College staff to develop a customized, personalized, and confidential Practice Enhancement Plan.

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Have questions about the QAP? See Quality Assurance Program FAQs.