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Registration Renewal Now Open

Registration Cycle

Each year occupational therapists must renew their registration with the College to practice in BC and use the reserved title “Occupational Therapist” or “OT”. Registration with the College re-assures the public that you hold the qualifications to provide safe, ethical, and effective care. It also ensures you get timely updates from COTBC regarding new regulatory resources and legislative changes affecting practice.

The registration year runs from July 1 to June 30.

You must renew by June 30, 2022 to avoid late fees or cancellation of your registration. Check that your email address is up to date in your registrant profile so you don’t miss critical information and deadlines.

New for the 2022-2023 Registration Year

Data Collection Regarding Names, Sex, and Pronouns

COTBC’s mandate is to protect the public. As such, it is dedicated to creating and maintaining systems, spaces, and services that are safe, respectful, and inclusive, while still meeting legislative obligations. As one way of acting in alignment with these values and commitments, the College has worked alongside a gender diversity consultant to determine a number of changes to its registration renewal forms. These will include options to share pronouns and non-legal names in addition to requesting the required information of legal names and sex as listed on current government-issued identification.

As part of the renewal process, COTBC needs to gather information regarding your sex and legal names as indicated on your current government-issued photo identification. This data allows COTBC to initiate the criminal record check submission process as required under the Criminal Records Review Act. The updated renewal form includes the three sex indicators currently used by the governments of Canada and British Columbia: F, M, and X. Information regarding sex will not be posted on the public register.

COTBC acknowledges that one’s legal name may not correspond with the name one uses and identifies with. Therefore, the College is providing the option to share a “different name used with clients/patients, if applicable”. This information assists members of the public to search for their occupational therapist on the public register as well as allows COTBC staff to address registrants safely and respectfully.

By default, when you renew, your legal and common names will appear on your occupational therapy license and will also be displayed on the COTBC register, which is accessible by the public. Should you wish to have only your common name appear on the public register and on your license, please contact the College prior to submitting your renewal form.

This year, you are invited to provide information regarding your pronouns. Providing pronouns is optional and does not require a response to complete registration renewal. If provided, this information will be used by COTBC staff to communicate with you in the most respectful way possible. Pronoun information will not be on the public register or on your license.

COTBC recognizes that trans, non-binary, Two-Spirit and other gender diverse peoples face many complex barriers. COTBC is committed to transparency in explaining the reasons why these questions are being asked, and how this personal data collected from occupational therapists will be used. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the College at or call toll free in BC: 1 (866) 386-6822.

Additional Question on Registrants’ Indigenous Cultural Safety Training

For the past several years, COTBC, along with other BC health profession regulators, has been collecting information on registrants’ completion of Indigenous cultural safety training or coursework. This year COTBC received feedback from registrants that some occupational therapy students complete comprehensive course work as part of their entry-level university education and were uncertain where to best indicate this on the form. To accurately capture this training, you will see that an additional question has been added this year allowing occupational therapists to indicate any specific Indigenous cultural training coursework they completed as part of their occupational therapy program.

Criminal Record Consent (5 Year Re-check)

The College of Occupational Therapists of British Columbia (COTBC), as a governing body, requires that occupational therapists comply with the Criminal Records Review Act. This means a criminal record check (CRC) must be on file and renewed at 5-year intervals while registered with the College. The College has streamlined its operational processes to make it easier for registrants to meet the CRC requirement set by the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General. The renewal form now contains a consent section which if signed, will allow COTBC to initiate the CRC re-check on registrants’ behalf. Please note, when you update your profile, you will be asked for your birth country and birth city. This information is needed to complete the CRC on your behalf.

Online Renewal Instructions

1. Complete the Annual Continuing Competence Review (ACCR).

All registrants who will be renewing under the full or provisional categories are required to complete the ACCR in order to finalize their registration renewal, with the exception of those that registered on or after May 1, 2022. Please refer to the email sent to you on May 9, 2022 containing a link to the ACCR. Note that you do not have to complete the ACCR prior to initiating your registration renewal. You do have to complete the ACCR before June 30 in order for your renewal to be complete.

2. Click ‘Renew Now’ below or go to and click on Registrant Login.

  • Enter your User ID. It is the email address the College has on file, not your registration number.
  • Enter your password. For those who have renewed before, your password is the same as last year. If it is your first time renewing, click on ‘forgot your password’, follow the prompts, and a password will be emailed to you.
  • If you can’t remember your password, use the ‘forgot your password’ feature.
  • You may encounter a second security feature to ‘Verify your Browser for Alinity’.
  • Check your email inbox for a code to enter for verification. If you do not see it in your inbox please check your spam and junk folder.

3. Follow the prompts to update your registrant profile.

  • Questions? Read our Registration Renewal FAQs.
  • Employment information – this information is required even if you are moving to non-practicing or cancelling your registration to ensure your record is up to date. If you are moving to non-practicing or cancelling your registration, please provide an end date for your current employment.
  • If you hold private professional liability insurance (i.e., not insurance through your employer/health authority), be prepared to submit information on your policy provider and policy number.

4. Complete the renewal form.

If you are renewing in the provisional or provisional re-entry category, follow the prompts to confirm supervision remains in place.

5. Once you submit your renewal form, you may expect one of the following:

  • You will be taken immediately to the payment page OR
  • Your renewal form will be forwarded to Registration for review. Staff may be in touch via email. Once the form is approved, you will receive an email that will take you to the payment page.

6. After your ACCR is complete and payment has been received, renewal is complete, and you will be able to access your permit and tax receipt through your registrant login home page.

Renew Now

Leaving the Profession?

If you wish to cancel your registration, you will be able to do so during renewal. Select “Former” as the category and follow the instructions. Please provide an end date for your employment.

Tips for Success

  • It takes time to complete the renewal and your form may be subject to review. Give yourself plenty of time and avoid renewing last minute.
  • Read the instructions carefully.
  • Have your login information ready. Check the email address you are using to log in, especially if you have more than one email address or recently changed your email address.
  • Have access to your email account so that you can receive your code for two factor authentication. If you are being asked to ‘verify your browser for Alinity’, wait for the code to arrive in your email; if you click the ‘send new code’ button, a new code will be generated, and you will need to wait for that new code.
  • Do not use Internet Explorer (instead use Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari).
  • Credit cards (VISA and MasterCard) are accepted for payment; debit cards are not accepted. You may also choose to pay by cheque.
  • Problems? Try clearing the browser history or switching to another browser or device.
  • Questions? Refer to our Registration Renewal FAQs. If you have ongoing difficulty, email or call us toll free in BC at 1 (866) 386-6822. Victoria-area registrants are asked to use (250) 386-6822.

Cancellation of Registration for Failure to Renew

In accordance with COTBC’s Bylaws you must renew your registration by June 30.

Your registration will be cancelled effective July 1 if any of the following are not completed by June 30:

  • Online Renewal Form
  • Payment of annual registration Fee
  • ACCR

Once your registration is cancelled:

  • You will not be able to practice occupational therapy (work) in BC or use the title occupational therapist
  • You must apply for, and successfully be reinstated, prior to returning to practice (work)
  • You will be charged a late fee of $183.75 (35% of your registration fee)

Registration Renewal Fees

Registration Category Renewal Fee
Full $525
Provisional, Provisional Re-entry $525
Non-Practising $125

We accept VISA and MasterCard. You may also choose to pay by cheque if necessary. Please contact the office for details.


If you have questions, check out our Registration Renewal FAQs. If you have ongoing difficulty, the Registration Team will be glad to assist you. Please email or call us toll free in BC at 1 (866) 386-6822. Victoria-area registrants are asked to use (250) 386-6822.