The College registration year is from July 1st – June 30th. Occupational therapists who wish to practise in British Columbia must renew their registration with the College every year.

Registration Renewal is Now Open!

Complete by June 30 to avoid late fees or cancellation of registration.

The fee for full practicing registration is $525 and for non-practicing, the registration the fee is $125. 
Registrants with either full or non-practising registration can renew online. 
We accept VISA or MasterCard. Sorry – AMEX is not available at this time.

CLICK HERE to login and complete your renewal online.
Your username (COTBC registration number) and password are case sensitive. Type carefully.

First time Renewing?

Click on Forgot Your Password on the login page and enter the information. A password will be emailed to you.

Please use the online process if you are…
• Renewing in the full registration category
• Changing your registration status to non-practicing
• Cancelling your registration

Do NOT use the online process if you are…
• Registered in the provisional registration category
• Moving from non-practicing to full registration
• Reinstating your registration after having cancelled it
Instead, download this form and mail it to the College.

As a registered occupational therapist, the general public is re-assured that you hold the qualifications to provide competent, ethical and safe care. While registration is a requirement to practise occupational therapy in BC, registration also ensures you will get timely updates from COTBC regarding new regulatory resources and legislative changes affecting practice.

To renew after July 31 please email the College for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions