Taking a Leave or Resigning

Retiring? Taking a parental leave? Moving to another province?

If you will not be working or using the title occupational therapist in British Columbia, you may choose to resign your registration.

Resigning means you will not be able to work as an occupational therapist, use the occupational therapist title, abbreviation, or designation “OT Reg. (BC)”, in British Columbia, until you are reinstated with the College.

Please review the options below before resigning from the College. OTs may access their profiles via the registrant portal.

Option 1: Maintain Your Registration

If you choose to maintain your registration so that you can return to practice in British Columbia at any time throughout the registration year, you must be in compliance with all College requirements – for example, professional liability insurance, quality assurance requirements, etc. In addition, you will need to renew your registration by the June 30 deadline. Failure to renew your registration by the June 30 deadline will result in your registration being cancelled for non-payment of fees.

Option 2: Resign Your Registration

Resigning your registration means that you will no longer be registered with the College. To resign your registration you must contact the College at registration@cotbc.org or call 250-386-6822 (or 1-866-386-6822 Toll Free in BC).

If you decide to resign, you will be required to apply for reinstatement prior to returning to practice in BC. See Returning to Practice for more information about reinstatement.

Please note that applicants are subject to the registration requirements and regulations in place at the time of application.