Path 1: Re-instatement

Do You Meet the Currency Requirement?

If you are a Former registrant or hold nonpractising registration status and wish to reinstate to Full registration with COTBC, and you meet the Currency Hour Requirements (600 practice hours in the three years immediately preceding the date of your application for reinstatement), you can reinstate online through the College’s registration portal.

If you do not meet the currency hour requirements, see Path 2: Provisional Re-entry.

Prepare for Your Registration

Before logging into the portal to complete your application, ensure you have the necessary documents ready for upload. Please note that the maximum upload size for PDF documents is 1.5 MB (1500 KB).

A copy of your professional liability insurance: Registrants must maintain professional liability insurance with a limit of liability of not less than five million dollars ($5,000,000) per occurrence. If your insurance is provided through your employer such as a Health Authority, contact your human resources department or team lead for a copy.

Proof of eligibility to work in Canada: If you are not a Canadian citizen, you must include a copy of your work permit or permanent residency card.

Criminal Record Check: COTBC now initiates criminal record checks on behalf of registrants. Follow the instructions on the reinstatement form to give COTBC consent to initiate the criminal record re-check on your behalf if required.

  • If you are moving from the Inactive-Former registration category to Practising registration, an updated criminal record check is mandatory.
  • If you are moving from the nonpractising category to Practising registration, a new criminal record check may be required. If you are currently in the nonpractising category COTBC will check if a new criminal record check is required upon your submitted form.

If a criminal record check is required you will be invoiced the $28 fee. For more information, please see the Criminal Record Check page.

Regulatory History Form(s) / Letter of Good Standing: If you have worked as an Occupational Therapist in any other jurisdiction since your COTBC registration status changed to nonpractising or Former Registrant, please complete the top half of the Regulatory History Form (PDF) and forward to the regulatory authority in each of the jurisdiction(s) where you are / or were registered to practice. Please ensure you complete the other jurisdictions section in the online form.

To get started on reinstating your registration log in to the COTBC registration portal. You may need to click on “Forgot my Password” to reset your password.

Registrant Login