Registrar’s March Monthly: BC-PAN, Amalgamation, New Staff

The BC Public Advisory Network (BC-PAN) recently held a workshop on the Modernization of Health Regulation. BC-PAN was formed in 2019 to promote meaningful engagement in healthcare regulation across the province. The BC-PAN intends to encourage comprehensive engagement on important issues related to healthcare regulation in BC.

At the recent BC-PAN workshop, the group identified that the public might be unaware of changes coming to healthcare regulation involving amalgamation. COTBC is interested to hear from the public about their questions and concerns. A summary from the BC-PAN workshop includes highlights from other colleges (PDF) about their experiences joining other health regulators.  

COTBC continues to engage with the Ministry of Health and the other regulatory colleges that form the amalgamation. We do not have an amalgamation timeline to share. Please continue to check the COTBC website for new information.

New Staff

On another note, I would like to welcome two new staff members to the COTBC team. I am pleased to announce Brenda Carroll has taken on the role of Executive Director of Inquiry, Discipline, Monitoring and Privacy, and Apurva Bhardwaj is Manager of Projects. Brenda and Apruva bring a combination of unique education, work history and skills that are an exciting addition to our organization. Welcome, Brenda and Apruva!