COTBC Launches Indigenous Anti-Racism, Cultural Safety, & Humility Section on Website

In 2022, 11 BC health profession regulatory colleges, including the College of Occupational Therapists of BC, adopted an Indigenous cultural safety, humility, and anti-racism standard of practice. The standard sets clear expectations for how registrants of each college are to provide culturally safer and anti-racist care for Indigenous clients and patients.

The College’s purpose is to ensure the public receives safe, ethical, and effective occupational therapy services in British Columbia, as mandated by the Health Professions Act of BC. This includes occupational therapy services provided to Indigenous clients, who are disproportionately subjected to stereotyping, racism, discrimination, and prejudice which is unsafe.

As part of our ongoing efforts to live up to this new standard, the College has launched a new Cultural Safety & Humility section on its website. This section represents our ongoing efforts to share the truth, provide a deeper understanding of what cultural humility and safety is, and to provide supportive learning resources to occupational therapists and the public.

The new Cultural Safety & Humility section includes content for those who want to gain more insight into the College’s commitment to cultural safety and humility, learn more about the history of colonialism and its ongoing impact on Indigenous health and wellness, explore resources to further build their understanding, or review initiatives the College is taking to embed cultural safety and humility throughout our culture, governance, and daily operations.