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What's New

  • Requests for Accommodations, Deferrals and Nonclinical Exemptions are now open

    If you are unable to complete the Continuing Competence Exam (CCE) for reasons of ability, personal hardship or are currently working in nonclinical roles, please let us know, no later than September 1, 2015. More information and online applications are available here.

  • Recorded Webinars

    We’ve held three Chats with the College webinars and the reviews are great! The latest webinar was on the new standards: Managing Client Informaton. If you have been unable to attend, listen to the recordings.

  • UBC Seeks Health Mentors

    This educational initiative brings together groups of four students from occupational therapy and other disciplines to learn, from and with a health mentor.

    Health mentors can be adult patients/clients with a chronic condition / disability or health mentors can be caregivers who provide long-term care to a loved one with a chronic condition / disability.



The Big Picture

Registrar Kathy Corbett explores the important issues facing regulation in BC and Canada. Coming soon.

Chats with the College – Upcoming Webinars


Quality Practice Series

These webinars cover a variety of regulatory topics to assist occupational therapists with the integration of College standards and relevant legislation into everyday practice. Sign-up now…


Exam Prep Series

In January 2016 occupational therapists are required to take the online Continuing Competence Exam (CCE). These webinars help occupational therapists prepare for the CCE.  Find out more…