To learn about how to make a complaint, watch the video below.

If you have a complaint about an occupational therapist, please start by contacting the registrar of the College of Occupational Therapists of BC directly at 250-386-6822 or toll-free in BC at 1-866-386-6822.

After your discussion with the registrar who will explain further the steps of making a complaint, you will be asked to make a formal complaint in writing. It should include:

  • your name and address,
  • the name of the occupational therapist, and
  • details about the event: the date, time, place and name of any other persons involved.

If necessary, the registrar will provide you with information to assist you in filing a complaint.

Once You Submit Your Complaint…

The Inquiry Committee investigates complaints or information that is brought to the attention of the college. The committee consists of six members appointed by the COTBC board:

  • one public member,
  • one COTBC board member, and
  • four registrants.

After investigating, the committee may:

  • take no further action
  • take any action it considers appropriate to resolve the matter
  • request the registrant to not repeat the conduct
  • require the registrant to take an education course, participate in practice review or other remedial actions to improve practice
  • reprimand the registrant and request the registrant to do, or consent to any other action specified by the committee
  • direct the registrar to issue a citation for disciplinary hearing

The committee may also limit or place conditions on the practice of an occupational therapist while an investigation is ongoing, or suspend a registrant’s license if it considers that action necessary to protect the public. If this occurs, the committee must inform the registrant of the reasons, and of their right to appeal that decision in court.

Once the Inquiry Committee has made a decision regarding the complaint, the Complainant (the person making the complaint) receives a written summary of the decision.

If You are Unhappy with the Decision

You have the right to apply for a review of the Inquiry Committee’s decision by the Health Professions Review Board within 30 days of receiving our letter with the decision outlined.