Competence Assessment

After the inaugural 2016 Continuing Competency Exam (CCE) was administered, a comprehensive evaluation of its effectiveness was undertaken. The CCE was part of the competence assessment component of the College’s three-step Quality Assurance Program (QAP) Framework. Evidence and feedback from the evaluation are guiding adjustments to the QAP Framework.

One compelling factor behind the adjustments ​is registrant feedback that the 2016 CCE was perceived as a high-stakes test, instead of its intended purpose to identify occupational therapists who may need additional supports to demonstrate or improve their competence. Keeping right-touch regulation principles in mind, the College looks forward to the next stage of development of the competence assessment component ​of the QAP Framework.

Quality Assurance Program Framework

Deferral of the 2022 Continuing Competency Exam

In consideration of the Quality Assurance Committee’s on-going work in evaluating and further developing the Competence Assessment component of the QAP Framework, as well as the proposed changes related to the BC Ministry of Health’s modernization of health professional regulation, the College has decided to defer the administration of the 2022 CCE at this time. Registrants can expect to receive further communications from the College regarding changes to the QAP Framework as decisions are made.