ACCR Plus Pilot Program FAQs

Q1. Why is the QAP being updated?

COTBC is committed to continuous quality improvement. After the Continuing Competence Exam (CCE), an extensive evaluation was undertaken. We found that continuing competence and assessments have evolved since then.

There has been a shift in assessing what a registrant knows and what a registrant does in practice, placing greater importance on competency-based assessments. Evidence-based literature recognizes that a multiple-step process ensures that all participating registrants receive formative feedback and that those who require individualized support are identified. Literature also confirmed that a risk-based approach encourages registrants to focus on practice supports and root causes that impact their ability to provide safe and competent services.

Finally, a model that includes a guided self-reflection over a self-assessment is preferred, as most professionals overvalue or underestimate their professional performance and behaviours.

To this end, the revisions to the QAP include a screening process that mirrors the ACCR with a new guided self-reflection questionnaire and a competency-based interview that replaces the CCE. Only those occupational therapists identified through the screening process will be required to participate in a competency-based interview.

Q2. How will COTBC select registrants for participation in the ACCR Plus Pilot Project?

As part of the data validation processes, a stratified randomized selection process will be used to select registrants to ensure a representative sample size for the pilot. We want to capture the many different practice contexts in which occupational therapists work across the province. Those selected to participate will be notified by email by April 14, 2023.

Q3. How much extra time will the ACCR Plus take?

Registrants who are invited and choose to participate in the pilot of the ACCR Plus will complete an online practice quiz and a guided self-reflection questionnaire, very similar to the time commitment for the current ACCR process.

A small group of registrants will be invited to participate in the competency-based interview, held virtually with a trained peer assessor. That interview will take an additional two hours to complete.

Q4. What happens if participating in the ACCR Plus Pilot Project identifies concerns about my competence to practice?

The pilot of the ACCR Plus is intended to be a supportive process with minimal interruption to your daily work. If any concerns are identified, participants will be provided with recommendations to address competence improvement (e.g., read a standard, being directed to the College website, etc.).

In the unlikely event that any significant risks to the public are identified through the ACCR Plus pilot process, the quality assurance committee may notify the College’s inquiry committee in accordance with section 26.2(3) of the Health Professions Act.

Q5. Is there a benefit to me in participating in the pilot of the ACCR Plus?

Registrants who are invited and choose to participate in the pilot of the ACCR Plus do not need to complete the usual ACCR, as the pilot will meet their QAP requirement for 2023. Participating registrants will also receive formative feedback to gain insight into potential risks, root causes, and practice supports associated with the provision of quality practice.

It is also an excellent example of demonstrating competency F3.3 of the Competencies for Occupational Therapists in Canada (ACOTRO, ACOTUP & CAOT, 2021) whereby occupational therapists are expected to “participate in quality improvement initiatives, as well as data collection and analysis” (p.17).

Most importantly, your opinion of the new QA program will be heard! Your feedback will inform the QA Program’s new processes and expectations.