On March 8, 2017, the board approved extensive amendments to the COTBC’s bylaws. This was the first substantial review since February 2000 when the College was established and the original bylaws were approved. The proposed amendments corrected many outdated sections of the bylaws. The proposed amendments were posted for the required three months, ending June 13, 2017. This allowed registrants, other health profession regulators, the public and other key stakeholders an opportunity to ask questions and provide comments. The comments provided insight into how the bylaw amendments were being interpreted and whether further clarification was needed.

The College and the Ministry of Health considered all comments. In response to the consultation, the Board approved a change to increase the requirement for professional liability insurance to $5,000,000 and consistent with amount offered with typical insurance programs accessed by Registrants.

The College filed the revised bylaws with the Minister of Health and they now come into effect on October 2, 2017. An orderly transition to the new bylaws with oversight by the Board’s Governance Panel, consultation with committees and exploring ways to connect with other BC regulators is now in progress. The new Bylaws will be posted by October 2, 2017.