Artwork by Sage Paul

Land Acknowledgement

Digital Media

Sage Paul

Artist’s Description

In beautiful contemporary colours of deep purple, tan, turquoise and grey, I designed this image to be a collection of elements representing the movement and growth of our land.

The barn owl in the centre, spreading its wings wide, represents the life and death cycle, inescapable change that comes from being alive.

Under one wing, a stand of cedar trees; our economy. For without cedar our homes, our transportation, even our clothing wouldn’t exist. Shown in shadow colours, the times between day and night, cedar is grounding and sturdy, our protectors.

Under the other wing; salmon, leaping from the ocean, representing Tsartlip, the Salt Water people. First in this land, forever honouring the nourishment of the cycle of life.

Rising above in its royal purple colour is the camas flower. Its beauty is astounding when you come across a field of this intense purple carpet. Our people went to harvest this nourishing bulb, becoming cultivators of this land year after year.

And nestled beside is the strawberry and flower. Only available seasonally, this delicate flower blooms in June, indicating the ruby gold fruit to follow.

Like a treasure trail on the ground they hint of the taste explosion to come. As its shape dictates, the little hearts of the land bring us such fulfillment, they are small and powerful.

About the Artist

Sage Paul is a Coast Salish artist whose work has been featured in the Mark Loria Gallery, UVic Legacy Galleries, the Vancouver International Airport, and the Victoria Art Gallery.

Born in 1995, in Tsartlip, B.C. she is soundly influenced by her father, renowned Coast Salish artist, Chris Paul. A solid foundation of Coast Salish style and structure came from him. Her art has also been influenced by family friend and fellow artist Mark Preston, where the love of drawing and the integrity in artwork was passed down to her.

She describes her art as animated, colourful, cute but realistic in the representations of nature, plants, and animals. Her rendition of vibrant traditional aspects of her Coast Salish art can be found in her prints, sandblasted glass and cedar sculptures, laser cut earrings and pendants, beading, moccasins, drum making and design.

She continues to live on her ancestral land, developing her skill as a dog handler to her two Australian cattle dogs, hiking, exploring, designing and running her own hair dressing salon: Sage Brush Hair.