COTBC Strategic Plan

Our Mission

To protect the public by regulating, advocating and advancing safe, ethical and quality occupational therapy practice in British Columbia.

Our Vision

Leading excellence in quality occupational therapy through self-regulation in British Columbia.

Our Values

Service Excellence

Key Result Areas

Supporting and Advancing Quality Regulation

The College…

  1. Ensures regulatory excellence by keeping its regulation and bylaws current.
  2. Demonstrates excellence in policy analysis to guide decisions.
  3. Monitors the outcomes of national level collaborations and their impact on College governance and operations.
  4. Will establish a knowledge translation and research agenda to enhance its evidence-informed approach to College policy and programs.

Responsive and Accountable Leadership (Governance & Operations)

The College…

  1. Exemplifies leadership informed by governance best practices.
  2. Enhances the public’s awareness of the College’s role in protecting the public’s right to safe, ethical occupational therapy.
  3. Assures sufficient financial and human resources to meet its mandate.
  4. Advances quality programs and services, and demonstrates ongoing evaluation.

Supporting Client/Patient Safety Culture

The College …

  1. Promotes public confidence with regards to the quality and safety of occupational therapy practice.
  2. Promotes public awareness, input, and access to information by developing a public awareness strategy.
  3. Supports inter-professional collaboration to promote quality health outcomes and occupational therapy competencies.

Monitoring and Supporting Quality Practice

The College…

  1. Will take a competence-based approach to support public confidence regarding the quality and safety of occupational therapy services.
  2. Will implement its Quality Assurance Program to ensure the ongoing quality of practice in the profession.
  3. Provides support to facilitate registrants in meeting the essential competencies for practice.