Under the direction of the Board of Directors, the following five committees work on specific directives as outlined below.

Quality Assurance Committee

The Quality Assurance (QA) Committee, with two subcommittees, the Standards Committee and the Continuing Competence Committee, is responsible for making recommendations to the board regarding:

  • Continuing competence programs;
  • Re-entry into the profession;
  • Standards of practice;
  • Professional ethics; and
  • Clinical practice guidelines.

Registration Committee

The Registration Committee is responsible for granting registration with COTBC.

Client Relations Committee

The Client Relations Committee makes recommendations to the board regarding programs for the prevention of misconduct of a sexual nature. These programs may include educational requirements for registrants, guidelines for conduct, and measures for addressing sexual misconduct.

Inquiry Committee

The Inquiry Committee investigates complaints against registrants, as well as acting on its own motion (i.e. without a complaint). Complaints can include a registrant’s contravention of the Health Professions Act, the Occupational Therapists Regulation, or the COTBC Bylaws, professional misconduct, competence to practice, or any disturbance or addiction which impairs an occupational therapist’s ability to practice.

Discipline Committee

The Discipline Committee conducts hearings under the authority of the Health Professions Act in cases where investigation of a registrant at the Inquiry Committee level warrants disciplinary action.