Proposed Amendment: Designation of Psychotherapists

The Ministry of Health is proposing amendments to the Health Professions Designation and Amalgamation Regulation. The proposed amendments would designate psychotherapy as a regulated health profession under the Health Professions Act.

This proposed change would not immediately result in the regulation of psychotherapy, as the development of profession-specific regulations would still need to be completed to establish aspects such as scope of practice, reserved titles, and the name of the college that would regulate the profession.

The notice period required by the Health Professions Act before the proposed regulations amendments can be enacted begins on May 24, 2024.

The proposed regulation changes are posted on the Ministry of Health website, along with additional background.

See also FAQ on Proposed Amendment – Designation of Psychotherapists on our Amalgamation FAQs page.

The Ministry requests that any comments on these proposed regulation amendments be submitted on an expedited timeline no later than June 24, 2024. 

Please submit comments by e-mail to:

Professional Regulation and Oversight Branch
Health Sector Workforce and Beneficiary Services Division
Ministry of Health
1515 Blanshard Street
Victoria, BC