Recording of COTBC 2021 Annual General Meeting Available

The College of Occupational Therapists of British Columbia held their 2021 annual general meeting on Friday, November 5, via Zoom. You can watch or listen to the recorded virtual meeting including answers to questions the College received in advance of the event.

Questions answered in the virtual AGM:

    1. Is there anything new you can tell us about the Ministry of Health’s recommendations to reduce the number of colleges, where COTBC merges into a multi-profession college?
    2. Will COVID-19 vaccination be required to be registered as an occupational therapist in British Columbia? Should I choose to go off the register because of my vaccination choices, or if I am currently off the register, and want to return to practice, what will the requirements be?
    3. Is there a plan to update the Occupational Therapists Regulation so that occupational therapists can perform restricted activities, such as acupuncture?
    4. Can the College elaborate on the changes to the Quality Assurance Program that were described in the current Annual Report?

For your reference, please see the 2020-2021 Annual Report.