Faced with moral dilemmas in your daily practice?

Our new learning module: Ethics in Daily Practice can help. Access via My QAP.

The Quality Assurance Committee is pleased to announce that the module is ready for viewing! Many thanks to the occupational therapists who sat on the review panel to provide input into the content and ensure it reflects BC practice. A special thanks to ethicist and occupational therapist Kevin Reel, who advised on the content. You’ll hear Kevin in the module as he introduces each section.

This learning module provides you with an opportunity to explore how to use the Code of Ethics values and expectations in your practice. The module will help you to:
•    assess your current knowledge and confidence regarding ethical decision making.
•    identify values and expectations included in the Code of Ethics and select those that may help guide ethical decision-making in your practice.
•    practice using IDEA, an ethical decision-making framework to evaluate your proposed options when faced with ethical dilemmas.
•    reflect on ways to integrate the Code of Ethics into your daily practice.

The learning module takes anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours to complete, and the learning activities can be done at separate times. Some learning activities should be done on your own, while others benefit from discussion with colleagues. During our reviews, one participant commented that it would be an excellent tool for mentors and mentees.

The Quality Assurance Committee would appreciate your feedback on the learning module. A link to the evaluation is also included at the end of the module.

Note: This post was published prior to October 2017 when new COTBC Bylaws came into effect.